Why every pharma marketer should understand social media and use it

What should every pharma marketer do and not do when it comes to social media? Alexandra Fulford shares her answers in her article for our marketing excellence focus month. Social media is still a very prickly subject in the pharmaceutical industry, with many companies and teams not sure how to handle it. There are still people within our industry who do not believe social media is a viable channel for the industry, or that it is not relevant or important. There are also many who are scared of using this channel, believing it to be full of Adverse Event (AE) reports and a crisis just waiting to happen if they join the foray into social media. To all these people I say: you are wrong. Social media provides relevance and value, today, to a wide range of stakeholders, and the deluge of AE reports never materialised. Whilst the industry is hesitant, stakeholders have been starting to embrace social media as a core channel. The conversation is happening, whether the industry is present or not. Not being present, however, is a missed opportunity, not only to be part of the conversation, but also to be able to mitigate potential crisis that arise during these conversations. Even with these fears allayed, why should every pharmaceutical marketer understand and use social media? The answer is simple. Social media provides a wealth of insights and understanding of key stakeholders; it has become an integral, if not key, information and communication channel for many stakeholders; and it is becoming central to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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From Pharmaceutical Industry digital vision


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