Which mHealth apps will Penn Medicine entrepreneurs try to commercialize?

Penn’s Center for Technology Transfer will help bring four mhealth app concepts to market as part of a contest that could decide the future of mhealth technology at the university.

Heart attacks, anaphylactic shock and clinical decision support for healthcare workers in rural clinics in developing countries. Those are the targets of a group of mobile health apps that could help decide the future of mhealth technology commercialization at the university. It’s part of a new program at  the University of Pennsylvania.

Six apps were chosen by development firms who will produce prototypes for the Center for Technology Transfer. The first three were conceived by faculty from Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine and qualify for UpStart’s incubator program. A drug verifier app, developed by a Wharton business school student, will get advice from UpStart’s new student entrepreneur adviser program. Aside from Resuscor, each of them fit the description for the Noble Mobile category — an app to improve society.

In the spring, venture firms will choose whether to invest in them.  Here’s a summary of the mobile health apps in contention.

Anaphylaxis 911 The app gets triggered by the users when they experience an allergic reaction. It texts 911 with relevant information such as known allergies, emergency contacts and any prescription medications the user takes. It also calls 911 using the speakerphone to identify the location and time of the reaction in case the user fall unconscious before first responders arrive. The anticipated market is end users with severe allergic reactions and pharma companies in the space.

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From Pharmaceutical Industry digital vision

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