NYeC Digital Health Conference 2013: The Trends – HITECH Answers

The Third Annual NYeC Digital Health Conference By Donna Cusano, Editor In Chief of Telehealth & Telecare Aware The third annual New York eHealth Colla

The third annual New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) Digital Health Conference in New York City attracted several hundred people from the worlds of hospitals, public health, academia, policy makers and health insurers–and the myriad related products and services which will enable these entities to improve their health IT, organization and engage patients in their own health. If there were three buzzword phrases setting the tone, they were interoperability, patient portals and technological innovation. All relate to data–data transfer of patient records between providers to be available regionally (RHIOs) and throughout the state via the SHIN-NY health information exchange (HIE); using data to help people visualize and improve their health;  putting data into ‘whole person’ context for providers, integrating it into workflows and to save lives; using data to serve process improvement and tougher standards. And finally there is that old devil cost: reducing the cost of care, reducing expensive readmissions plus co-morbidities and making those tools to do this job more affordable for providers and patients.

NYeC has developed considerably since its early days seven years ago as a coordinator of local information exchanges (RHIOs) ex NYC and (paradoxically in the midst of proliferation) proponent of and guide to best EHRs in primary care practices. Now EHRs are consolidating (and over 40 percent of practices are discontented with their present ones), doctors and hospitals must continue on the road and fulfill Stage 2 Meaningful Use for incentives. One key part, patient portals, will be the signature of 2014. On day one of the conference, NYeC announced their large bet on a small company, Mana Health, to create a statewide patient portal. Also announced was that the SHIN-NY (‘shiny’) network is now classed under New York state law as a public utility to advance the goal of interoperability.

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